Why you need a Hamamingo Hammam Towel


Okay so you’ve heard the hype about Hammam towels, but surely they’re just cute beach cover ups right? Wrong! Hamamingo Hammam towels are WAY more than just an adorable fashion accessory (though don’t get us wrong they are that too)!

We’re going to show you THREE main differences between our SUSTAINABLE, LIGHT, QUICK DRY Hammam towels and your bog standard (pardon the pun) bathroom terry towel.   

1 - Hammam towels (also known as Turkish Towels) get softer and softer with every wash.  Bored of towelling off with stiff scratchy towels? We don’t blame you! Unlike the traditional terry towel which gets harder and stiffer the more you use it, Hamamingo Hammam towels get softer and softer with every wash. This is thanks to the extra long fibres found in Turkish cotton which results in that snuggly velvet texture that we just can’t get enough of. 

Free standing bath with Hamamingo Quick Dry and Absorbent Hammam Towels in the bathroom with green plants

Give your self a little taste of luxury by drying off with velvety comfort of a Hamamingo towel. We are totally in love with our Herringbone collection for the ultimate bathroom chic.   

2 - Hamamingo Towels are Multi-Use. Hamamingo towels are super VERSATILE. Gone are the days of trying to cram everything but the kitchen sink into your beach bag. Our COMPACT, super ABSORBENT towels can be used as picnic rugs, beach sarongs, and even yoga blankets to help you capture that Insta perfect dancer’s pose.

Beautiful girl on beach with Hamamingo Versatile Towel wearing it as a turban to then dry off with

They also hold more than 3 x their own weight in water and fold up so small that you will have plenty of room to fill your bag with all those bikinis - because hell yes you need a different one for each day of your trip.

Oh and all Hamamingo Towels, Beach Blankets and Throws come in their own SUSTAINABLE Tote or Travel Bag - packing sorted!

3 -  Hamamingo Travel and Beach Towels are SAND FREE  

Beautiful girl on the beach with Hamamingo Sand Free Beach Towel flying behind her in the wind

Who likes scratchy sand against your skin? Not us! Unlike the traditional terry towel, Hamamingo Beach Towels are flat woven - a centuries old Turkish weaving Technique which means you can literally shake, rattle and roll out your Hamamingo and leave the sand where it belongs - on the beach.


So what are you waiting for! Say Hello to our 100% TURKISH COTTON, super ABSORBENT, LIGHTWEIGHT Hamamingo towels and kiss goodbye to the scratchy old terry towel of the past. Drying off never looked so good.


Good looking guy strolling on beach in Hamamingo Sand Free Beach Towel wearing sunglasses    


  • Posted on by Michelle

    I have a Hamamingo and I LOVE the colours. So perfect for a sunny day or to brighten an overcast one! It’s versatile and it looks good. It’s light,folds small , but gives great coverage and can be used for sitting on, or changing under. Ideal for long or short haul trips. I’m planning on having (lots) more.

  • Posted on by Michelle

    I have a Hamamingo and love it! The colours are amazing and it’s so portable and useful.

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