Five Travel Essentials for your Carry-On

Hands up who loves a long haul flight? Yep that’s what we thought. Travelling long haul isn’t anyones fave, so we’ve got 5 travel essentials that you need for your carry-on, so that you can make yourself feel at home in the clouds. And anyway it will be SO worth it when you are rocking out on the beach with your Hamamingo. 

1. Hamamingo Travel Towel 

Our Travel Towels are the perfect travel companion. Who wants to snuggle up in a scratchy nylon aeroplane blanket when you can cocoon yourself in the velvet softness of a Hamamingo travel towel. Save space by wearing your scarf on and off the plane. Keeping cosy never looked so cute. After arrival you can chuck off your clothes and wrap your Travel Towel into a cute sarong. Sorry which way was the beach?


girl wearing hamamingo narnia hammam towel as a scarf or wrap while travelling with hat and book


2. Bali Balm 

We all know that aeroplanes do no favours for your skin, but you can quite literally kiss chapped lips good bye by adding Bali Balm to your travel on. Not only has Bali Balm been formulated to absorb quickly and lock in moisture without leaving a waxy film, but it is also Vegan and 100% natural, just like our Travel Towels. Bali Balm also come in four yum flavours, curated by renowned chef Russel Bateman. Our favourite is Lemon is and Black Pepper, after all Cherry Chapstick is so 2008.

Natural Bali Balm in Lemon and Black Pepper flavour


3. Soi 55 Travel Pouch 

Checked you’ve got your passport for the 900th time? Get rid of that panic search for your loose travel documents by placing all your in flight essentials in a Soi 55 travel pouch. They are SO Bright and make spotting your passport at security super simple. AKA more time for you to treat yourself to some prefect sunnies in Duty Free. 


Girl holding Soi 55 Travel Pouch with sunglasses


4. Phoebe Grace Sleep Mask 

Hello sleeping beauty! We like to see a long haul flight as a chance to get some R + R away from the manic buzz of city living. Zone out and unwind by adding a Phoebe Grace sleep mask to your carry on. Envelope your senses in the luxurious silk mask and why not go even further by snuggling up in your Hamamingo Travel Towel? Not only will you be transported to a cocoon of comforting cotton, but you will also look flyer than fly as your breeze through the clouds. Destination: Beach. You will look so zen on arrival no one will ever know you’ve just landed. 


Phoebe Grace Sleep Mask in Cactus


5. 58 Lifestyle Mini Room Mist

Nervous flyer? No problem! Pack this delicious little life saver in your carry on and you will be cool as a cucumber as you cruise through the clouds. Just like our Travel Towels, 58 Lifestyle products are all natural and we can’t get enough of the calming Jasmine and Geranium scents. Cleanse your aura by spritzing this around you pre flight, or better yet, spray it onto your Hamamingo Travel Towel and snuggle up into a Jasmine field of dreams. 


58 Lifestyle Mini Balancing Room Mist



Move aside RuPaul With these FIVE flying hacks you are going to be Queen of the runway! 

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