Your Hamamingo will last you a life time. Not only are they versatile for multiple uses, they are all flat woven. This traditional style of hamam weaving is such that the weft - otherwise known as the base yarn - is incredibly dense and so therefore super durable!

All you need to do if you get any pulled threads is to snip them away with the flat edge of your scissors and the cotton won’t run. In fact you won’t be able to see where the pulled loops in the cotton were in the first place and your Hamamingo will not unravel.

It's very smart cotton!

Hamamingo dyes and yarns are all Oeko-Tex certified, which means they are:

Fun and Safe
Highly Functional
Easy to Care for
Suitable for the most sensitive of skin

Your Hamamingo is machine washable at 30° and colour fast.
Hamamingos are most happy when air dried and they don’t mind a warm iron, if you really must.

Hamamingo products are 100% natural and sustainable, providing you with super soft and safe materials which are biodegradeable and ethically produced.

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