The Best Beach Towels | Large Sand Free Hammam Towels | Hamamingo

The Best Beach Towels | Large Sand Free Hammam Towels | Hamamingo

The Best Beach Towels.

It’s a summer vacay essential, so why settle for anything better than less?

Hamamingo Beach Towels are super Lightweight and amazingly Quick Drying. They lay out large to cover your sun lounger and fold up super small in their own individual Compact Travel Bag. Easy to Carry and Sustainable packaging you can use time and time again.

Voted one of the Best Hammam Towels on the market in The Independent’s Indy Best List, Hamamingo Beach Towels take age-old traditional weaving methods to make a modern Versatile Towel for (stylish) beach bums.

Traditional flat weaving processes, which for centuries have been applied to the art of creating pestemals and foutas in the Middle-East, offer versatility beyond the beach. Hamamingo towels are super Absorbent and hold more than 3 x their own weight in water - making them the perfect bath and pool towels - and not forgetting their Sand Free qualities. Just shake your Hamamingo off and leave the beach where it ought to be!

Available in a bold range of so-now pop colours for summer, the only tricky part is choosing which one to pack.


Help the planet and start off with small steps by supporting slow fashion which will last a lifetime! Get a FREE 100% Cotton Hamamingo Tote or Travel bag with every purchase.

Smart Cotton to take you beyond the beach!

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