Packing Light


Packing light and I are not usually in the same context, let alone in the same sentence as each other, so when a good friend of ours invited us away for a few days, for a last-minute ski trip, I thought “challenge on”! 

We booked our travel with a cheap ’n’ cheerful, no frills airline and so every inch of our luggage was to be accounted for. We were heading to a pretty, traditional town in the French Alps, so casual and simple, yet elegant, was the theme of our attire and wearing as much of our ski gear on to the plane, without resembling a pair of yetis, was the general idea. 

We rolled items and folded as flat as we could, and even had to sit on our cases to cram every last inch of our carry-ons with all the essentials; salopettes, goggles, mittens, helmets, layers…the list goes on!

Our only sticking point were TOWELS. Inconveniently big, heavy towels, which were sure to WEIGH us DOWN. Nightmare….or not?

The BEST and most SAVVY part about our light-packing were our HAMAMINGOS. We wore them as scarves to the airport and wrapped them around us as blankets on the plane. They are so light and super soft, so they doubled up brilliantly and they look completely chic - no one would ever suspect they were a towel! It also meant we could take our super absorbent towels for the spa, which was a must after a day on the slopes and we avoided any charges for excess baggage on the flight. 

Did you know that a HAMAMINGO Travel towel weighs 3 x LESS than a typical terry towel of the same size? What’s more, the majority of budget airlines charge around £10/€10 for every extra 1kg…so ultimately you are SAVING money by packing or wearing a HAMAMINGO when you go on your travels and for all your adventures. Super SMART right! 


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