Bruges Solid Charcoal

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  • LIGHT - 400 gr.
  • COMPACT - folds up small, lays out large at 95cm x 180cm
  • ABSORBENT - holds more than 3 x its own weight in water
  • QUICK DRYING - dries 3 x faster
  • SAND FREE - shakes straight off
  • OEKO-TEX - sustainable 100% natural Turkish Cotton

This Solid Charcoal Bruges Bath towel is beautifully textured and large enough to wrap right around. Available in a choice of contrasting colours for home and bath.

These luxury towels are lightweight, super absorbent and quick drying, making them the perfect bath towel for you and the whole family.

Use yours as a light summer blanket to throw over your bed or favourite chair.

Comes in its own reuseable tote bag - sustainable modern living.